Back in Seattle

Anyone who has seen my drawings knows I love doing expansive, wide angle views. Here are a few recent sketches from parks in Seattle this summer. The sketchbook is a Hahnemühle Watercolor Book in landscape format.

View from Queen Anne’s Kerry Park, with USk Seattle on Worldwide Sketchcrawl Day 2022!

Oxbow Park, the hat and boots were moved here and are iconic symbols of Seattle. With USk Seattle.

Another view showing Mt. Rainier, from the waterfront park at the Expedia campus, sketched with my dear friend Alane Simons.

The Ballard Locks and Salmon ladder…popular spot in Seattle, it’s amazing to watch the boats pass through the locks, then see the salmon in the underwater viewing windows, making their way home . With USk Seattle.

Enjoy the summer!

10 thoughts on “Back in Seattle

  1. Nice to be able to enjoy your work again. I always look forward to your posts and hearing about your travels. I’m especially pleased to see you being rewarded for teaching others because you have a talent for sharing your knowledge. May our paths connect in the future! Frank B in Skagit


  2. Hi Stephanie – I keep waiting for you to offer your online drawing perspectives class again and I always enjoy your blog posts! I return again and again to all the notes I took during your class. I have a question about your wonderful “back in Seattle” work: are you working in an A4 or A5 sized sketchbook? I myself am trying to push myself up to a larger size format and I wondered what your preference is. Thank you for any insight! -Perianne


    1. Hi Perianne! Thank you for asking about the online Zoom classes, I hope to offer them again in November/December! And it’s the smaller A5 sketchbook…I like it! I’m going to do a post soon on the new Hahnemühle sketchbook I think I’ll use from now on…stay tuned, and thanks for writing! S


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