Travel Sketches

The past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue my lifelong dream of traveling the world, sketching, and teaching as a proud Urban Sketcher. Join me for a perspective and watercolor workshop!

Here are a few of my favorite travel sketches. To see many more, please find me on Instagram here.

Main Street from the Pile Gat | Dubrovnik, Croatia | September 2019 (c)SBower
Barri Gotic | Barcelona, Spain | May 2019 (c)SBower
Trajan’s Column | Rome, Italy | June 2019 (c)SBower
Piazza Navona | Rome, Italy | June 2019 (c)SBower
Hotel View | Amsterdam | July 2019 (c)SBower
Torii Gates | Kyoto, Japan | October 2018 (c)SBower
Lunch and dinner | Kawagoe, Japan | October 2018 (c)SBower
Mid-Level Escalators | Hong Kong | September 2018 (c)SBOWER
Queen’s Bath | Hampi, India | November 2017 (c)SBower
Street Views in a day | Orvieto, Italy | June 2017 (c)SBower

Please note, all images are owned and copyrighted by Stephanie Bower, Architectural Illustration, and cannot be used without permission. Thanks!