Gosh, I’ll miss this place!!!

Join us to sketch at Daniel Smith Fine Artists’ Materials store in Seattle in the Sodo neighborhood, this Sunday, September 5 at 10am. We will sketch as a way to remember this wonderful store and say THANK YOU to the amazing staff. Please post your sketches, photos, stories, thank you’s to them at #thankyoudanielsmithstoreseattle on Instagram.

9 thoughts on “Gosh, I’ll miss this place!!!

  1. I’m so glad to see that you have come up for air and are painting! It took me 4 months to get the engine going again myself, but I wasn’t writing a book. I was just being lazy.


    1. Ha, I hear ya, KC! I can’t believe it’s been this long. I’ve been working on this book full time since April, and I still have tons to do…but it’s gonna be a good one!!! 😉
      Glad you got your engine going again too…it’s tough! Lazy sounds about right to be honest.


  2. It looks like an amazing shop, my all time favourite watercolour paints. And I am really looking forward to your new book Stephanie, add to my collection, for more amazing inspiration. Enjoy the day in the shop on Sunday, I’m a bit too far away to visit (oh and we are still in lockdown, here in New Zealand).


    1. New Zealand!!! Oh my, that is a little far away!! 😉 Thank you for your message, and I can’t wait for everyone to see this book too! Best of luck with the lockdown, I really hope we will all wake up from this bad dream soon!


  3. Love your sketches so much! You have captured the spirit and joy the shop brings to fans ! Wish I was in Seattle to join you !
    Intrigued to learn more about your book too – another post soon I hope : )


  4. Hi John, thank you for writing! I’m so glad that you like this sketch. I’d say it took between 1.5 – 2 hours in total, and the size is 8″x16″, so it’s quite large. But it’s a size of paper I’ve grown to like, and proportionally, it’s 2 squares side-by-side.
    I’ll put the word about the book out to the world once I get permission from the publisher!


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