Daniel Smith Store is closing. And where have I been…?

Yes, it’s been terribly long since I posted to this blog! Sincere apologies for the absence. I am fine, my family is fine. So where have I been? The answer is WRITING A BOOK! Yes, it will be my third book, and it is HUGE. I can’t go into details yet, but just know that I stopped my day job and teaching back in April to get it up and running. More on this in the future, and on to the business at hand…

Yes, tragically, the center of our creative and arts community, the Daniel Smith Store and mothership is closing. It has been closed throughout the pandemic, although I’m happy to report that they retained ALL their full-time staff by moving them from sales to paint production, which is BOOMING. They are now the top seller of paint in the world! But I have many memories from this place and the wonderful staff who became friends…book signing opportunities, workshops from amazing people from around the globe, not to mention the beautiful, tall, sunlit space with aisles to explore and tools that you could actually hold in your hand and even test before you bought them. Gone are those days. But here are two ways to say THANK YOU for all they have done for us over the years.

  1. If you are from this area, consider this is an invitation to say THANKS to phenomenal Daniel Smith store staff: Join Seattle Urban Sketchers this Sunday, September 5 from 10am-1pm for an opportunity to sketch the store!!! Yes, inside or out, wearing masks.

2. Post your sketch on Instagram, or any sketch or photo you have–maybe of a workshop you took–and story you’d like to tell, or even just say “Thank you” and then tag #thankyoudanielsmithstoreseattle so that the staff can read all the stories and know how much they are appreciated.

And as for my sketches, I’ve done a few and will go back in time and post a few…like the day it was 108 degrees out and I was sleeping on the basement floor…? Hope everyone is well.

Me in teal, then the fabulous Patrice, Lin, Thom the store manager, and Janice…all creative people and artists who helped us for so many years. You are appreciated and will be missed!

PS, I’ll be personally signing copies of my 101 Sketching Tips book there on Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Daniel Smith Store is closing. And where have I been…?

  1. Wow, this is the end of an era! I’ve made the pilgrimage from New England a few times; the first time I met a very tall man with white hair….could it have been Dan himself? Sure looked like the guy in the first few catalogues I still have. Thank heavens the paint production side is doing so well, so you can finish your latest book!


    1. Thanks, Robert…it is exactly that, the end of an era! They had so many famous artists pass through and teach, the store was in constant motion with classes and workshops. It is a huge loss to our community. And yes, that could have been Daniel Smith. The current owner is John Cogley, who I think also has white hair, but it not super tall…so yes, you may have met THE guy!


  2. Hi Stephanie, So glad to hear that you are well, and working on a new book. I miss your inspiring posts! Hope to meet you one day, and have you sign a copy of 101 Sketching Tips. Best,CatherineNYC


    1. Hi Catherine, in person would be great! I keep thinking no one will recognize me, as I’m sure I’ve aged a full ten years in the past two, not to mention the weight gain due to a new migraine med. Ah life!
      But the book is in the works, and it’s going to be amazing, as people are sending me the most drop-dead gorgeous work, from all over the world!!!
      Take care…and in person, one of these days…


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