USk Talks #4: Couch Travelling Around the World

I was so nervous, but once I heard that soothing radio host voice of Rob Sketcherman welcoming people to the Instagram LIVE talk from midnight in Hong Kong, I was lulled into a relaxed trance. What followed was a blast! It was really SO fun to relive some of the places I’ve been and sketched, going in a clockwise direction starting in Varanasi, India, where I was almost born. The goal was not to show my best work, but to show sketches that hold meaning for me, especially since travel is restricted now and for the foreseeable future, which frankly, has been depressing. So Rob’s upbeat and warm delivery were very much appreciated.

The one hour talk interview crossed the globe in true USk form, with Rob in HK, me in Seattle, and the amazing Oliver Hoeller in Austria. It is now up on Urban Sketchers YouTube here.

Thanks to everyone who watched live! I will post the images I showed along with a few stories on this blog so you can see them a little better. Technology is great, but not perfect! We laughed so much, I hope you will find some time to join us for a little mini trip from the comfort of your own home!

8 thoughts on “USk Talks #4: Couch Travelling Around the World

  1. Nervous!! Really???? You didn’t come across that way at all. Even though I watched the rerun it was lovely to see you in the virtual flesh again, and good on Rooi for making the effort!!!
    It was great to ‘meet’ Oliver too as I wasn’t aware of him at all. So many wonderful artists are probably still hidden from me.
    Great job!!!
    But I still haven’t been able to watch your Studio56 interview. 😢

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    1. Pat, I was soooo nervous! Until we started talking. That Rob is sooo good! Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll check on the Studio 56 interview…
      Thanks for the very kind words!


  2. Hi Stephanie – You did Great! I enjoyed the interview very much. Thanks for sharing your sketching journey. Mary


  3. Hi Stephanie I saw past sunday the interview and I found it very interesting. You said at the end that you enjoy to use an Escoda Perla brush. Is that brush you use for the first washes, if you do some, when sketching ? (I lost 2 days ago a brush that I often used ans I needed to buy another one. I chose the Escoda Perla you spoke about)
    I appreciate also very much your posts in this blog. On february 7, in the end of your post « In the studio » (excellent post) you wrote that you should write next up about your favorite brushes. I was almost certain to have read it and I did not find it afterwards. Did you write a post and cancelled after ?I wish you to be well until the end of the lockdown and to early start traveling and sketching all around the world.


    1. HI Pierre, thanks so much for following this blog and for your message! Glad you liked the talk, it was really fun to do with Rob.
      Yes, I love the Escoda Perla. I use one in my studio that is a regular Perla brush, size 14, but in the travel size, I use the size 12. It’s a great all-purpose brush that lasts a long time and is good for just about everything. That said, I will often use a 1″ angled brush for the first washes when I’m working on a big piece of paper. I promise I will do a post on my brushes!!!! Stay tuned, and stay well in Paris!!!


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