Well, How Did I Get Here? …this Saturday, April 18.

I’m combing through piles of sketches and old sketchbooks to pick the milestone moments along this sketching path of mine. How DID I get here indeed!!

Please join me this Saturday, April 18 for a free online talk about my walk through this sketching life. From first sketches back in architecture school in the Middle Ages (when I sketched in pen!), to teaching myself watercolor, to sharing my recent and favorite work from Dubrovnik last September. It’s interesting to see how everything has evolved, not to mention what happened during my 25 year break from sketching! My hope is that this talk will inspire everyone to push through the hard times and keep sketching!!

Here is the info about how to watch this talk from moderator, Brenda Murray, who is hosting a series of online interviews. It’s easy to watch. You just need Zoom installed and then click on the link below.

From Brenda: This is your invitation to attend a live-streaming interview with Seattle-based urban sketching instructor and architectural illustrator, Stephanie Bower as she talks about her sketching journey. The interview will start at 1:00EDT Saturday, April 18 and will run about an hour. Feel free to invite your USk chapter members and friends.

1) If you have not already installed the free Zoom app, go to https://zoom.us/ to install the app. The meeting will start at the appointed time so please download the app BEFORE the start of the meeting.
2) Just before 1:00pm EDT (that’s 10am in Seattle), click this meeting link: ttps://us04web.zoom.us/j/593769331
3) Your Audio and your Video and Chat will be disabled. However, we would really like to make this as interactive as possible so please send your questions via Facebook Messenger to https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/brenda.murray.7. We will try very hard to answer everyone’s questions.

***Note: for best results use the device with the largest screen (laptop is better than phone) so that you can see the artist’s art when they hold it up.

6 thoughts on “Well, How Did I Get Here? …this Saturday, April 18.

  1. Hi Stephanie. Please consider recording the interview and making it available to those (like me) who have a prior commitment on Saturday. I’d really hate to miss it! Thanks,   –Deborah Roggie


  2. Hi Stephanie, looking forward to seeing the repost of this interview, as this weekend is Eastern Orthodox Easter so we’ll be busy…. But I was wondering if he title for this episode was a nod to the Talking Heads” Once In A Lifetime??! (I have the video playing in the background!)


    1. The talk should be recorded and available online…I will try to post something about it! And YES, Stop Making Sense is one of my all time favorite desert island disks, and that is probably my favorite song! I play it when I want to cheer up…so appropriate for this upcoming talk 🙂
      Love that you are listening to it too!!

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  3. Those of us that were sign-in number 101 and above were kept out of this conversation/demo. Is it available after the fact? Thanks for doing it, whatever the answer.

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    1. Hi Joe, I’m so sorry that you were not able to view the talk… I think Brenda and I were both surprised at how many wanted to sign in!!!!!!!
      I emailed her asking if we could repeat the talk live soon, to give others a chance to participate. The one from today will also be posted to YouTube once Brenda does a little editing.
      That said, I’m also showing some work next weekend as part of the Urban Sketchers’ USk Talk series! My talk will be Sunday, April 26 at 9am Seattle time. It’s a great series, I’ll be watching it tomorrow when Santi Salles and Roisin Cure show their work!!
      Thank you again for trying to view the talk, it’s much appreciated!


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