I’ve been spending my days cancelling plane tickets and hotels, writing piles of refund checks to the wonderful folks who had signed up for workshops, and being hit hard by the reality that with this pandemic, so much has changed. I have cancelled virtually all of my workshops for the year, but one… a one-day workshop at the Seattle Daniel Smith store and mothership on Saturday, August 22 — thank you to Thom at DS for rescheduling! But Italy, Paris, Spain, the Loire Valley, and San Jose with Shari and Suhita are all cancelled or postponed to next year. (You can check out the “workshops” tab on this blog for dates and locations.)

As everyone around the world is quarantined at home (did I really just write those words??), I’m reminded of Tip #12 in the 101 Sketching Tips book:

It’s these connections that give meaning to our sketching! This concept really hit home when talking with a sketcher in Hong Kong 2 years ago who said that being part of a sketching community had changed his life, brought him out of a deep depression. So no coffee shops, but let’s stay connected– I hope it will cheer all of us up! I hope you will motivate me as I hope to motivate you!

To that end, I’m starting a series of posts about sketching interiors. They will go step-by-step, in small and detailed steps, and will walk you through the process of sketching interior spaces in perspective. Here they come!

And if you want me to see your sketches as you try these exercises, please post them to Instagram and tag me at @stephanieabower (don’t forget the “a” in the middle.) I will give you feedback on your work, like an online class.

So stay healthy, stay inside, but stay connected — and sketch interiors!

13 thoughts on “CANCELLED!!!!

  1. Thank you Stephanie! Your reference to Tip #12 is perfect as is your plan to provide some online guidance on sketching interiors. Perspective in interiors can sometimes be challenging so every bit of help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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  2. Stephanie, thank you! It’s certainly a stretch to stay motivated and positive during this awful time. I look forward to your posts on sketching interiors. I actually tried my tiny greenhouse interior the other day! Turned out not too too bad but… Always happy to have some guidance! Cropping what I saw was not easy.
    Thanks again! Stay safe and healthy.


  3. Thank you for doing these posts. We all appreciate your efforts, especially those of us so timid to draw. It will give us a chance to improve our skills!


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