Workshop: SEVILLA | April 17-23, 2020

When workshop organizer Brenda Murray approached me months ago about doing a workshop ANYWHERE–yes, she said “anywhere” in the world–my first choice was Seville, Spain. I was there in 2011, and it continues to call to me.

Here’s the chance for you to join me! The Studio 56 Boutique workshop info is HERE. It’s five days of focused instruction (the workshop info link shows the itinerary and amazing places we will go), including a field trip to the hill town of Ronda, and more. Registration is open now!!!

Would you believe that in 2011, I had just re-started sketching after a 25 year hiatus called “work and raising kids”? At that time, I was only sketching in pencil–no watercolor– and I had no idea that Urban Sketchers even existed!!!

This is part of why I’m so eager to go back, as the architecture of southern Spain is INCREDIBLE–gorgeous colors, charming streets, textured tile roofs, amazing detail and tilework, and it’s all infused with a strong and beautiful Moorish influence. To compare with my sketches of today, here are a few from 2011.

And here is one from this past summer in Barcelona. Things have definitely evolved!! Color adds so much, but it’s also much more difficult, especially when painting on the spot! We will of course draw and paint on location…

Please consider joining me in beautiful Spain! I can promise we will eat too much, see amazing places, sketch everything (including the tapas), and have a great time! (The best tapas I ever ate were in Seville…maybe that’s why I want to go back??)

3 thoughts on “Workshop: SEVILLA | April 17-23, 2020

  1. Stephanie, thanks for sending this to me! The timing is perfect. I will be signing up. Do you know of others who will be attending to possibly share housing costs? There is a USK Valencia group here, but only a few that I met speak English and most don’t make enough $ for a workshop. So I’m not likely to find someone here to join me. Anyway, if you do hear of someone wanting to share let me know. I’m going to look into Airbnb options.

    I don’t know if you have been to Valencia, but it is an amazingly beautiful city. Architecture is so much nicer (to me) than Seville. If you have a chance to add days to your schedule and fly up here I would gladly show you around. There is a speed train from here to Madrid. Anyway, just an idea.

    Bye for now,

    Lisa Leo
    WhatsApp or Signal: +1 425 891 5774
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