Hunkered Down for the Holidays

It’s been dark outside in the cold of winter, which makes the bits of light inside our home glow a little brighter! Thank goodness, we’ve passed our annual “hump day” and the days are getting a little longer bit by bit. We really feel it this far north in Seattle.

Welcome to our circa 1911 living room. For those of you who have taken my workshops, you’ll see an underpainting of yellow ochre with a mostly washes of Magic Gray in this sketch! My favorite bit: the table top and my shell collection in the lower left.

From our home to yours, I hope you are cozy and well!

6 thoughts on “Hunkered Down for the Holidays

  1. That was wonderful to hear your teaching history Stephanie. I would say teaching is definitely what you were meant to do!! I have just loved taking your two sets of classes and can’t wait to see the new schedule coming out for 2021. I have learned so much and think I have found my new passion. I am just so excited to sit and draw now and am noticing interesting buildings everywhere I go. I would definitely take the classes over again for two reasons, one; your teaching was so informative and the step by step lessons in both perspective drawing and watercolours gave me such a better understanding and two; it was so nice to meet up with so many wonderful interesting people each week ESPECIALLY during this lockdown. It was the highlight of my week!! Thank you so much Stephanie.


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