Yes, Another Round of Workshops Starting November 15!

Here’s the info for the next round of UNDERSTANDING PERSPECTIVE workshops! There are two live sessions, Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons. One class a week for 6 weeks, starting mid-November. Registration starts on October 28 promptly at 10am Seattle time.

UNDERSTANDING PERSPECTIVE | LIVE online masterclasses in perspective sketching made easy with Stephanie Bower

  • Do you fear or fake perspective sketching?
  • Can’t figure out how to start a perspective sketch?
  • And where is that darn vanishing point anyway?

Understanding Perspective is a LIVE online course that makes perspective sketching easy! I’m Urban Sketcher, workshop instructor, architectural illustrator, and author Stephanie Bower, and I’m excited to offer this course to anyone wanting to finally understand how perspective works. Perspective is easy when you know what to look for!

This course is a live, interactive 6-part online class taught via Zoom in which you’ll learn by drawing along with me in real time. In each class, we’ll take notes and sketch together as I present perspective concepts in a crafted PowerPoint presentation, then we will apply those concepts in a step-by-step sketching demo that we will draw and paint together. And like an in-person workshop, you’ll see me work and I’ll answer your questions LIVE.

With my background as an architect and architectural illustrator, I’ve taught perspective sketching in architecture and interior design programs at colleges and universities for decades. I’ve drawn on that experience to create a course that starts with easy concepts and progresses through many aspects of sketching buildings and spaces in perspective. You’ll see and learn things that you could not get in an in-person workshop! Concepts are explained with simple diagrams, together with loads of photos and sketching examples — information that you can incorporate into your sketching now, regardless of your preferred sketching or painting style or media. It’s about getting the “good bones” right!

Understanding Perspective

  • Class 1: Creating a Road Map to Follow
  • The foundations of a perspective sketch in 3 simple steps using BIG SHAPES
  • Demo
  • Class 2: Perspective Fundamentals
  • One and two point perspectives—what’s the difference?
  • View Angles and View Eye Levels
  • Demo
  • Class 3: The Importance of Foreshortening
  • Foreshortening
  • Easy, wide-angle perspectives
  • Demo
  • Class 4:  Multiple Vanishing Points
  • Streets, Roofs, Stairs
  • Demo
  • Class 5:  Circles in Perspective
  • Ellipses
  • Arches (they are not like horseshoes!)
  • Demo
  • Class 6:  Looking UP
  • Towers are like wedding cakes
  • Domes are round
  • Demo

++++++++++ WORKSHOP FEE

  • Workshop fee for the entire 6 classes is US$325.00

Workshop fees are payable by check or Zelle for US participants or by PayPal for US and international participants.

++++++++++ DATES AND TIMES

Session 1:  Sundays at 9am Seattle time (12noon New York, 6pm Paris) Starting November 15 for 6 weeks (November 15, 22, 29*, December 6, 13, 18, 20.) Note: this class is particularly targeted to beginning sketchers. * November 29 is Thanksgiving weekend.

Session 2:  Tuesdays at 4pm Seattle time (7pm New York; 9am Tuesdays in Sydney, Australia) Starting November 17 for 6 weeks (November 17, 24, December 1, 8, 15, 22.)

  • Each class is expected to run about 3 – 3.5 hours.

++++++++++ HOW TO REGISTER

REGISTRATION OPENS October 28, 2020 at 10am Seattle time:

  • When registration opens on October 28, send an email to indicating which workshop session (session one or two) you’d like to take.
  • I’ll sign up participants in the order your email was received.
  • Payment instructions will be emailed to those who have a spot.
  • Additional information and a list of materials will be emailed to registered participants.

++++++++++ QUESTIONS?

  • During this class, will you be sitting outside on location or are we working from photos?

Sadly due to the pandemic, we cannot sketch together live on location just yet. This will be the next best thing as you join me in my tiny studio and we work from carefully selected photos with the understanding that ultimately, the course is about location sketching. In some ways, you’ll see the demos BETTER than when done in person, as Zoom will allow you to look at my sketches up close.

  • What do you mean by an “interactive PowerPoint”?

I’ve created these classes to mirror a real college course. Most of the information is delivered through detailed PowerPoint presentations that I’ve developed. I’ll pause throughout the presentation so that you can draw and take notes, and I will sketch along with you as well. At the end of each class, we’ll apply the concepts learned to an actual live demo. I’ll draw and paint a scene step-by-step so that you can also draw and paint with me at the same time. And before each class, I’ll email participants a worksheet that they can print out and use for notetaking or simply to help them follow along.

  • I’m new to sketching, is this class OK for me?

YES, I love teaching beginners! If you are new to perspective, or simply want to improve your knowledge and skills, this class is for you. The Sunday morning session is particularly targeted to brand new sketchers.

  • I’m new to sketching and am worried I’ll be overwhelmed. Can I only take the first three classes?

I break up perspective concepts into easy to understand segments, so it shouldn’t be a problem for most people. You’ll also be able to view recordings of the class later.

  • I’m already a pretty good sketcher, will I learn anything new from this class?

YES! Even seasoned sketchers will benefit from seeing this approach and for the deep dives into architectural elements like multiple vanishing points, ellipses, and domes. I’ll also show lots of shortcuts to sketching complex subjects in simple ways.

  • Will there be homework?

Homework is optional, but I’ll provide a few images at the end of each class that you can work on at home and at your own pace. You can email one of the homework images you’ve done and I’ll provide feedback.

  • I don’t have a computer or tablet, can I still take this class from my phone?

Because this course is very visual and the information is quite detailed, you’ll need a large screen like a computer or laptop to do this course. A phone, tablet, or iPad will not work.

  • What art supplies will I need for this class?

You’ll need your basic sketching equipment, including watercolors. I’ll email participants a list of supplies.

  • What equipment do I need for this class?

Use the largest screen and best wifi connection available to you!

You will need to have ZOOM downloaded onto your computer (ideal), laptop, or large tablet.** It is a free online download that is easy to use and perfect for this course. Instructions on how to join the live class will be emailed to all registered participants.

  • How does this course compare with your Craftsy classes and books?

The biggest difference between this class and Craftsy and my books is that this is LIVE instruction! You can ask questions and I’ll answer in the moment. Most of this content is brand new, and doing the live demo together at the end of each class will cement the concepts you are learning.

  • Will this class be recorded ?

Yes, recordings of the classes will be available to you via Zoom for viewing (not downloads) during the 6 weeks of the course. This is really helpful for those who work slowly and for reviewing what you learned in the live classes.

  • Will you be offering more classes in the future?

Definitely! I intend to keep offering Understanding Perspective. If you’ve got suggestions for other days and times, please let me know. The plan is to also add more courses, such as sketching interiors. So stay tuned!

Thanks so much for your interest in this course! And thanks so much to everyone who has participated in the inaugural sessions of the UNDERSTANDING PERSPECTIVE workshops! In fact, the classes have gone so well that by request, I am adding 3 more classes for those participants! See you all soon!

3 thoughts on “Yes, Another Round of Workshops Starting November 15!

  1. Hi Stephanie! I’d love to join the Tuesday session. In order to transfer funds on Zelle, should I use this email address or your telephone number?




    1. Hi Joan, thanks so much for your interest in the workshop!
      Registration opens on October 28 at 10am Seattle time, and I’ll accept participants in the order that their email was received. I’ll then notify everyone about how to send payment, etc. Thanks so much, the zoom format is proving to work really well!!! I’m so thrilled!


  2. Hello,

    I just saw the instructions to respond to the post on Drawing Perspectives – by replying above the line on the announcement. I had sent a separate reply with Subject Line: Understand Perspective Workshop a few minutes ago.

    So, I am replying again to say that I would like to register for the Session #1 held on Sundays.

    Looking forward to hearing that there is space available in Session #1. Thank you.

    Evelyn Rabin



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