Breaking News: Craftsy/Bluprint Lives On!!!

Just got this letter in my inbox, happy to share this news!

Dear Stephanie,

At the end of May, we shared that Bluprint would be closing its doors. The outpouring of support we received was amazing to see. So many of our instructors and customers wrote in with stories sharing how much Bluprint and our online classes mean to them.  

Today I am happy to share that Bluprint classes will live on! 

Our friends at TN Marketing will provide a seamless transition for current Bluprint customers and subscribers by preserving their access to Craftsy and Bluprint content. TN Marketing will honor previous customer purchases for classes, subscriptions and instructor agreements. This means your content will continue to be available to Craftsy and Bluprint customers, as well as a whole new audience through TN’s communities.

TN Marketing, is a Minneapolis-based global online video subscription and streaming business.  You may be familiar with some of their brands such as National Quilters Circle, National Sewing Circle, Outdoor Photography Guide and Woodworkers Guild of America. TN Marketing has more than 20 years of experience creating content and communities that help engage people with their passions.

The TN Marketing team will be in touch later today or tomorrow to officially welcome you to the TN Marketing family and share more information about next steps. 

On behalf of myself and the entire Bluprint team, we want to thank you for your support over the years.  This journey has been the highlight of my professional career and we have all loved working with you. We wish you all the best as you continue your journey with TN Marketing. 

John Levisay 
CEO Bluprint

16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Craftsy/Bluprint Lives On!!!

  1. Stephan, thank you so much for the news! This means I can slow down and enjoy. I only started Bluprint (for art, I previously used it for sewing and knitting) in April and was disappointed. There were so many classes I wanted to take with so many wonderful instructors. I started taking the classes on a speed track, trying to get a lot done quickly. I’ll be going back and taking more time with some of the classes. I’m going to master perspective and urban drawing, yet. Are you still considering Zoom? Maybe I’ll send you my Phoenix Rising story to celebrate.


  2. Good news indeed. I find something new every time I review your video on perspective. Love watching your sketching techiques.


  3. The best news. Today I read it on the Blurpint website and I was very happy. I’ll be able to continue enjoying and learning with the great masters of drawing, sketching and watercolor, including you, Stephanie.


    1. Thank you, you are so kind! I am no great master, just another sketcher who just works hard! But yes, I am sooooo happy the Bluprint content will still be available for everyone who purchased it.
      Thanks again for your message!


  4. I’d been “panic watching” all of the classes in my Own Forever library and was so glad to get the news that Craftsy/BluPrint lives on. I’ve been reviewing the Perspective for Sketchers and it is a beautiful thing when those concepts finally click. :0)

    Do you know if we will be able to purchase other classes now that they were taken over by the new company? It’d be nice to finally watch the other class on Drawing Architecture.


    1. Hi Janine,
      It sure is a relief! I was in a panic doing the same thing as you! We just got an email today saying people can watch their purchased classes through August, then they will change the interface. The intent is that in September, people can start to buy classes again. Hooray!!!!


  5. Thanks for the heads up on this. Hope you are doing well I love the ride down memory lane with your Civita IG posts

    On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 10:45 AM Drawing Perspectives wrote:

    > stephanieabower posted: ” Just got this letter in my inbox, happy to share > this news! Dear Stephanie, At the end of May, we shared that Bluprint would > be closing its doors. The outpouring of support we received was amazing to > see. So many of our instructors and cust” >

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    1. Yes, it’s exciting that the classes will not be lost. They are available now to folks who have already purchased them, and in September
      to everyone else. The company that bought the classes from Bluprint will go back to using the CRAFTSY brand name. 🙂


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