Online Talk this Saturday, June 27!

And a journey it is!!! Please join me this Saturday, June 27 at 10am Seattle time (1pm New York, 6pm Paris, 2am Sydney–so sorry!) for a free online talk about my walk through this sketching life. with Studio 56’s Brenda Murray. From my first awkward sketches back in architecture school , to teaching myself watercolor, to sharing my recent and favorite work from Dubrovnik last September–it’s an evolution. I’ll show a variety of sketches and talk about the breakthrough moments and what I learned that helped me improve. My hope is that this talk will inspire everyone to push through the hard times and keep sketching!! Hope to see you there, and thank you so much… (will I ever get a good photo for these promos??) 😉

From Brenda: This is your invitation to attend a live-streaming interview with Seattle-based urban sketcher, architectural illustrator and Urban Sketching Handbook author, Stephanie Bower. The interview will start at 1:00EDT Saturday, June 27. Feel free to invite your USk chapter members and friends.

1) If you have not already installed the free Zoom app, go to to install the app. The meeting will start at the appointed time so please download the app BEFORE the start of the meeting
2) click the meeting link: and wait for you to be added to the call by Brenda.
3) Your Audio and your Video and Chat will be disabled. However, we would really like to make this as interactive as possible so please send your questions via Facebook Messenger to You may also send your questions in advance of the meeting.

1) the call is limited to the first 100 so arrive early so as not to be disappointed.
2) use the device with the largest screen (laptop is better than phone) so that you can see the artist’s art
3) keep your webcam turned off because it will disrupt the interview and you will be kicked out
4) select “Speaker View” so that the speaker fills the screen

10 thoughts on “Online Talk this Saturday, June 27!

  1. Sorry Stephanie,
    I could not join “My sketching journey” this Saturday June 27 at 7 am (Paris time) with the Zoom application. I downloaded this application but I can’t use it on my computer. I hope everything went well for you and I wish you a good day,


    1. Hi Pierre!
      I miscalculated the time. It will be Saturday night at 7pm in Paris, June 27.
      And Zoom works all over the world. I hope somehow you can figure it out and join us!!


  2. Oh my gosh!!!! This was wonderful. Loved seeing your development from the early sketches to what you do now. Always great tips and explanation of how you do what you do! Fingers crossed for next years trips.


    1. HI Becky, a belated THANK YOU SO MUCH for watching! I hope the talk was helpful in some way. And yes, all my fingers and toes are crossed for travel next year!!!
      Take good care,


  3. Hi Stephanie, I was able to follow the meeting on Zoom from Paris. I was very happy to review your drawings and follow your journey.
    I wish you a great summer,


  4. Hi Stephanie..had a hard time connecting, is it possible to see a rerun?
    Got your blog and am trying to follow, I am 78 andi n Vancouver and new to drawing and painting, trying to understanding perspective, still looking for VP
    Happy to follow you..april


    1. HI April! Yes, the talk is available on the Studio 56 YouTube page, here…

      We are all always searching for VP’s!!! Keep sketching, and thanks for following this blog too…!!!


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