Gone Missing

I had breakfast this morning with my dear friend, Alane Simons (IG @alaneatx). We met some years ago at a fundraiser when I heard that the couple across the huge table was also from Texas (as am I), and I had to go and say hello. We chatted, she talked about how her mother had been an artist who inspired her, I shared my magical mini moo cards, and she said she’d call me. Who ever follows up on that promise? I’ll tell you who: ALANE!!!

We had a great breakfast and I was reminded of what a joyful person she is. She did, however, tell me that when they moved from Seattle last year, she shipped some 30 sketchbooks that have never arrived… years of work are lost!!! I can’t imagine losing even one sketchbook, I am so attached to those sketches as they are a record of so many experiences. Like she said this morning, it’s not like it’s just a drawing of a table, it’s a drawing that captures the place, time, the air, the sounds and smells, the friends you are with, and so much more. This is the power of sketching, of putting an experience to paper in sketch.

So how about this: let’s all visualize Alane’s box of sketchbooks arriving safely to her and who knows, maybe it will happen???!!!!!

This Saturday, November 23, I will be sharing my mini moo cards, sketchbooks and a huge stack of original watercolors, along with a presentation and book signing for the new book. I hope if you are in the area, you can join us at the Daniel Smith store at 11am. I will talk about how much sketching means to me, how grateful I am to this sketching community, and as my husband says, my tribe. And if my house catches on fire, I will grab my grandmother’s pearls and my SKETCHBOOKS!

What does sketching mean to you????

8 thoughts on “Gone Missing

  1. These occurrences of lost sketchbooks are so heartbreaking. I had a close friend, a priest, in California who had a wonderful, lengthy sabbatical in Italy many years ago. He had taken up watercolor painting in late midlife and this practice brought him great joy. When he shipped back a carton of his belongings at the end of his travels, his paintings never arrived. I couldn’t even imagine how that would feel–except that it would be awful, like losing some very intimate part of yourself. I will definitely keep your friend in my heart and hope that her sketchbooks surface soon.


    1. HI Barbara, I am soooooo sorry for your friend! I had a similar incident when American Airlines lost my fellowship in Paris work when I was flying back to present it to the jury…luckily, it came in on a later flight, but my gosh, that feeling of nausea in the pit of my stomach was awful!!! Thanks for your kind wishes, let’s indeed send good thoughts and hope Alane’s sketchbooks turn up… 🙂


  2. When Pete made our first trip to Europe in 2007, I kept a diary, but wasn’t good at sketching so just collected bits and pieces and glued them in.
    In 2016 my diaries gained a new perspective (did you see the clever way I worked that in Steph 😜!!)
    The sketches I do now make memories even more special.


  3. Thank you Stephanie for your kind words and for helping me put out some positive thoughts to get my sketchbooks returned..what a dear friend you are!


  4. Sketching is a large part of my life. Semi-retired,it fills part of each day. It’s part of reinventing myself.
    Also I have met so many nice people thru Urban Sketchers and travelled near and far to workshops.
    Hope soon to take one of yours. Happy sketching Stephanie!


    1. Bill, that is so wonderful that you are able to work sketching into your life each day!!! I know it must be so rewarding in so many ways.
      And I agree, Urban Sketchers folks are so wonderful, always sharing and inspiring, so supportive. I hope you will get to take one of my workshops too, it would be great to meet you in person!


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