For the win…

In my day job as an architectural illustrator, I am honored to get to work with some amazing architects and their wonderful projects. This week, 3 of those projects earned Seattle AIA (American Institute of Architects) awards! These teams work for YEARS to nurture these projects along, and I am thrilled to have contributed in some small way, usually by producing images for fundraising purposes during the very early stages of design. It’s exciting to get an early preview of what buildings might look like years down the road.

This is the new Burke Museum, the Washington State museum of natural history and culture, by architects Olson Kundig, which received a top Honor Award Monday night. The concept is an inside-out museum that provides access to things that are usually hidden, the vast stores of birds, baskets, bones, and more.

I produced 6 images over a few years, and very early pencil sketches years before that. It was a thrill to drive by the site and see them on the construction fence as the building took shape! Congratulations to Olson Kundig and the Burke Museum!!!!

Next I’ll post the interior views.